Skulls and Bones

IMG_9872I really like the look of old European taxidermy, where more often than not, the skull and horns  attached to a timber shield, rather than a shoulder mounted skin trophy was displayed on the wall. There are different ways to display a skull. It can be left whole without the bottom jaw, or sawed through the back of the skull, the cut extended below the eye socket to just above the teeth and through below the nose. The other option is a skull cap, where most of the skull is sawn off through the back of the skull, half way through the eye socket and out to the bridge of the nose. Those are the traditional ways of doing a skull display. European mounts are becoming more popular, and I can cater for anyone wanting such a pose. If a hunter brings in a whole head, either skun or not, we cut away most of the meat, boil the head, clean the skull, cut to the desired shape, and bleach it pure white. It can then be mounted on a shield.

Pig skulls take longer because they are greasier than deer etc. But a part nose and jaw mount displaying the teeth and tusks of a boar, screwed to a shield look impressive. Also the tusks and grinders of a boar can be removed and displayed. Horned and antlered game and small game such as fox, dingo and rabbit skulls can be done as well. Just about any skull can be cleaned and displayed by fish and game taxidermy.

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