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Lucus Weaver Fishing SAA self-confessed river and estuary fishing addict my first real fish was caught when I was 12 when on school holidays staying at dads. A chunky golden perch (callop) gave me a lifetime bug. I was hooked!

Reading into every form of fishing with river and estuary being my main forms of angling as these were what I had access too. Long days on the St Kilda breakwater as an early teen gave up numerous mullet, whiting, salmon and bream with my long suffering mum dropping me off at dawn and picking me up again at dusk.

A year or two later I started to get into lure fishing in the Murray and it seems fitting that my first fish on lure was to be golden. Once again I was hooked and throwing lures at whatever would eat them became the mainstay of my fishing pursuits.

I now enjoy chasing a variety of fish on lures around the state although the Murray and its inhabitants will always have a special place in my heart.


Lucus Weaver Fishing SABream, trout, carp, mulloway, salmon, kingfish, callop, cod, flathead and snapper are the main lure fishing targets taking up most of my spare time.

I have also taken up an interest in competition fishing as the pressure these events puts you under brings out the best in my fishing. I am a regular competitor at bream and river tournaments around SA.

Ed’s Note: Lucas Weaver is a long-term contributor and writes our river column. He is also a Fishing SA sponsored bream tournament angler and plays a big part in the LMLFC freshwater competitions.

Lucus Weaver Fishing SA

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